It’s likely you’re not sure what bookkeeping package will help you the most in getting the regular financial information you need for your business. We’ve put together a few examples below that should point you in the right direction to figuring out the package you need and what size bracket applies. You can then use our quick and easy drop down form to request a monthly fee quote based on your selections.

Help Bookkeeping - Monthly Reporting Help Bookkeeping - Financial Management

Small – Monthly Reporting

You’re an independent consultant balancing all the different roles needed to run a business. Keeping a close eye on performance and being conscious of cost is vital, because all decisions made directly affect your available funds. You’d benefit from regaining some of your time and getting key information to make sure you’re on the right track.

Small – Financial Management

You run a remote, service based business. A lot of time is spent client facing and you don’t work from set premises. Work flow is regular with consistent customers and regular suppliers/contractors. You need someone to be available to handle direct communication from customers/suppliers with regards to finances, even when you’re unavailable.

Medium – Monthly Reporting

You’re an established retailer with a store front. You employ part time staff but spend a lot of time working hands on in a customer facing position rather than managing from an office. Money is received by various methods e.g. cash and card terminals, and knowing how profitable you are on an ongoing basis helps to determine what lines of stock you reinvest in.

Medium – Financial Management

You’re a manufacturing business operating in a busy, crowded work space with staff to manage and multiple projects on the go. You offer credit terms to customers but suppliers are paid for materials up front, so strong credit control and cash flow management are crucial to keep the business running. KPIs about specific product lines are useful for analysis and strategy planning.

Large – Monthly Reporting

You operate in the hospitality industry, spending a large proportion of your time managing staff and helping customers. A high volume of transactions occur and you regularly replenish stock from various suppliers. You often find yourself working anti-social hours to stay on top of the financial admin, mandatory VAT returns for example, and would benefit from having this and other financial tasks handled externally.

Large – Financial Management

You’re an online retailer who both sell off the shelf products and bespoke items, shipping in the UK and worldwide. Your company is growing rapidly and you need the support of an entire finance team to keep records up to date so that information for customers/suppliers is regularly available, but you’re not yet at the stage to incorporate an accounting department. You would benefit from the support and advice of a finance manager in handling the growth of your business.

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